Fire Ants In The Villages: A Handy Guide Identification, Prevention, And Control

Fire Ants In The Villages: A Handy Guide Identification, Prevention, And Control

ants crawling in kitchen

Fire ants are extremely tiny pests that can crawl into your house through the smallest of openings, and when it comes to their stings, these pests can have a painful impact. Bertram Pest Solutions handles pest control in The Villages, and we’ve seen many instances of fire ant infestation. We want to help you get rid of fire ants in and around your home, so feel free to call us to get started. We also encourage you to continue reading this guide to the identification, prevention, and control of fire ants.

Key Characteristics of Fire Ants: A Guide to Accurate Identification

What do fire ants look like? Identification of fire ants should begin with their general appearance. Fire ants are small, around ? to ¼ of an inch in length. Fire ants have brown-red coloring and they have mandibles (these look like pincers near the mouth) and stingers.

You can also identify fire ants via their behavior. Fire ants are notorious for being aggressive pests. If you notice them swarming an object, other insects, or your shoes, there’s a good chance they’re fire ants trying to defeat a perceived threat. That brings us right to the dangers associated with a fire ant infestation.

The Dangers Of Fire Ant Infestations: Understanding The Risks

If you see a fire ant mound in your yard, do your best to keep your distance. If you’re looking for an answer to the question, “Do fire ants have venom?” the answer is yes, and that’s why you should try to leave fire ant mounds and scouting fire ants alone.

It’s common to hear someone refer to fire ant bites, but actually, they’re usually referring to fire ant stings. Stings are fire ants’ most effective way to signal that they don’t want you messing with their colony. But what are the risks of a fire ant sting? For most people, a fire ant sting will result in immediate pain; it may also feel like burning. Then, bumps will develop near the site of the sting. Within a day or two, the symptoms will fade and, in most cases, the victim will be perfectly fine. However, fire ant stings can also cause anaphylaxis in certain people, which is a dangerous allergic reaction that needs to be treated right away.

Keep in mind that fire ants in The Villages like to swarm. If you’ve been stung once, there’s a good chance that other members of the colony are getting ready to sting you as well, so this can quickly become a painful and potentially dangerous situation.

Effective Fire Ant Prevention Strategies: Safeguarding Your Home

Now it’s time for the most important fire ant prevention strategies.

These are all things that you can easily achieve and keep up with on a regular basis:

  • Keep outdoor spaces clean. 
  • Check that garbage cans keep their lids on all day and all night long. 
  • Remove sources of standing water. 
  • Don’t leave food or crumbs anywhere in or around your house. 
  • Look for and seal any openings in your house’s windows, doors, and walls. 

Failing to use these strategies can easily result in a fire ant infestation that will require professional home pest control services at The Villages.

Professional Ant Control: Eliminate A Fire Ant Infestation

Professional fire ant control is the most reliable way to eliminate a fire ant infestation. With professional training, advanced techniques, and experience, we can take care of those pesky fire ants with ease. We take pride in our ability to safely overcome fire ant issues in residential areas, and we’ll be happy to work with you. If you know that you need fire ant control for your home or are just curious to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in The Villages, please contact us at your earliest convenience.