Are Mice In The Villages A Serious Problem? | Bertram Pest Solutions - GC

Are Mice In The Villages A Serious Problem? | Bertram Pest Solutions - GC

house mouse hiding in pantry

Living in The Villages in the Sumter County area does not make you immune to one of the country’s most prevalent pests. Wild mice are one of the most widespread invaders, but they don’t just look for dilapidated homes! Seeking warmth, mice will enter nearly any home in The Villages area. 

If this should happen to your home in The Villages, you’ll want to know how to get rid of mice fast! These tiny terrors can create and cause a whole slew of problems for you as a homeowner. Brown mice are the most common and are identified by their worm-like tail. While they might be on the small side compared to other rodents, they don’t pay rent for any space they take up in your home. As such, it’s time to kick wild mice to the curb!

Identifying a Mouse Problem In Your House

The first step in solving any problem is identifying the said problem. You can know just how to get rid of mice fast without knowing if they are there at all. Look for these signs within your home to tell if you have a mouse infestation:

  • Holes in walls
  • Droppings
  • Property/Structural damage
  • Chewed furniture
  • Nest-like structure made with insulation, paper, and cloth
  • Grease marks on baseboards
  • Small footprints

Mice are not all that great about hiding their presence when you know what to look for. Moreover, if you think you could have an infestation, you need to address it sooner than later. This is because mice can cause damage all throughout your home that can rack up in cost, which is why you’ll always want to get rid of mice fast!

Can Mice In Your House Make You Sick?

The short answer is yes. Brown mice can carry diseases that can quickly spread. Mice and rats infamously took out almost one-third of Europe’s population with the bubonic plague spread. When you’re looking up how to get rid of mice, you might encounter all the different deadly diseases they can bring about.

Between the droppings, urine, and saliva, they can leave your home fraught with contaminated areas. If your pet or any minor children manage to eat or touch these surfaces, they could become ill. All that aside, mice can pull insulation out and chew wires apart. While this won’t make you sick, it can be a fire hazard, which can harm your well-being.

Tips To Keep Mice Away From Your Home In The Villages

If you want to know how to keep field mice away, then you’ll want to pay attention to these tips.

  • Seal and store all your food properly
  • Plug holes and cracks around the home
  • Install vent screens
  • Keep attics and basements well-ventilated
  • Store firewood away from your home

All of this can combat a growing population of mice. However, it will not be able to exterminate them from your home effectively. 

Where Can I Find Effective Mouse Control Services In The Villages

Where there is one, there are many! The best way to keep field mice away from your home would be to call in the experts. Our team at Bertram Pest Solutions has over 20 years of experience that we will put to use for you. 

At Bertram Pest Solutions, you can count on our crew to take your home back so you can live in peace. No matter if you need residential or commercial help, you can depend on us. We can’t wait to help you out with affordable prices and friendly service. Contact our team at Bertram Pest Solutions today for a free inspection!