What Natural Scents Repel Bed Bugs In The Villages?

What Natural Scents Repel Bed Bugs In The Villages?

a bed bug on a carpet

It can seem nearly impossible to fully prevent bed bugs from entering your home in The Villages - and that’s because it is. Though bed bugs are associated with a lack of cleanliness, hygiene isn't always a factor. Bed bugs can invade even the tidiest of homes by hitching a ride on luggage, purses, backpacks, and other hand-carry items, as well as on clothing and second-hand furniture.

They are commonly picked up from high-traffic areas, such as hotels and motels, college dormitories, retail stores, nursing homes, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and public transportation, including airplanes and trains.

Because of the number of places bed bugs can be picked up from, many people turn to essential oils and natural scents to keep them away, along with various other insects and pests. Essential oils and scents are convenient, as they can be used in several ways, including as candles, room fresheners or sprays, fragrances, and diffusers. Although effective with some of the other common pests, these natural solutions aren’t the most reliable for bed bugs.

Are Essential Oils & Natural Scents Effective In Preventing Bed Bugs?

In 2017, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) partnered with Rutgers University on a study that looked at the effectiveness of using essential oils to deter bed bugs. The study was created to identify safer pest solutions that were also easier on the environment. The study found that the most effective essential oils as natural bed bug repellents are blood orange oil, paraffin oil, and silicone oils; however, blood orange essential oil was barely effective.

Peppermint oil is a known bed bug-repellent, as bed bugs dislike its strong scent and high menthol content, which can kill them. You can create a natural repellent by adding 20 drops of peppermint essential oil to one cup of water and pouring the solution into an empty, clean spray bottle. However, there’s no guarantee that peppermint oil alone will be sufficient to kill off a bed bug infestation in its entirety. Consider the tried-and-true methods below to reduce your chances of bed bugs further.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

To prevent bed bugs from entering your home, consider the three tips below (in addition to using essential oils, if you wish):

  • Wash all textiles that you suspect may be affected. Place all bedding, including mattress pads and covers, sheets, comforters, and pillowcases, as well as clothing and curtains, in a sealed plastic bag, and bring the bag directly to your washing machine. Wash all contents in the highest temperature setting, which will kill any persisting bed bugs.
  • Vacuum throughout the week. Vacuuming every day or every other day can help to prevent bed bugs. It’s also helpful to vacuum suitcases after returning home from trips.
  • Avoid buying second-hand furniture. Second-hand furniture, especially bedding, and upholstery, may be infested with bed bugs and their eggs, and you may not know it. If you purchase used furniture, be sure to conduct a thorough inspection before bringing it into your home.

Get Rid Of Beg Bugs For Good With Bertram Pest Solutions

Because of the number of places that bed bugs can be picked up from, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of them on your own. Bertram Pest Solutions offers a quarterly pest control plan, which includes a green option, to provide homeowners in The Villages with ongoing, year-round residential solutions for some of the most common local pests.

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