How Do Rodents Get Into The Villages Homes?

How Do Rodents Get Into The Villages Homes?

house mouse hiding

Rodents may not seem all that bad. Their cute little noses and whiskers make them look more like a family pet than a pest for you to worry about. But don’t let their looks fool you. Rodents are dangerous and destructive pests you don’t want around your home. 

At Bertram Pest Solutions, we are experts in rodent control. We know exactly what to do to protect your home from rodents and other common pests in The Villages. Call us today to learn how professional pest control in The Villages can keep you and your family safe from rodents. 

Types Of Rodents That Call The Villages Home

For most residents of The Villages, the only species of rodent they want to think about is the kind that isn’t in their house. While this is great in theory, it may be wishful thinking to believe you’ll never see a rodent around your home. Knowing what species of rodent you are dealing with can help you determine the best way to eliminate them from your home. 

Some common rodents in The Villages include:

  • House Mice: Dusty gray with a cream-colored belly. House mice are around 3 inches long with tails as long as their body. 
  • Deer Mice: Brown with white feet and underbellies. Their bodies are around 4 inches long with a bi-colored tail of equal length.
  • Norway Rats: Brown with some black hairs and gray or white underside. These rats are larger than mice with bodies growing up to seven to nine inches long, and tails shorter than their body length. 
  • Roof Rats: Brown or black with darker underbellies. Roof rats grow up to six to eight inches long with equal length tails and typically live in elevated areas like attics and rafters. 
  • Squirrels: Larger rodents that are gray with a pale underbelly. Squirrels are easily recognizable by their bushy tails. 

For help with rodent identification around your The Villages home, call us today for a free inspection. 

How Do Rodents Get Into The Villages Homes?

Rodents are experts at sneaking into homes. Even if you think your home is rodent-proof, these pests can find their way through the tiniest openings. They have adapted to be able to collapse their bodies to slide through tiny cracks and gaps. 

You may wonder how small space rodents can fit through. For mice, all it takes is a hole the size of a dime or a crack as wide as a pencil. For larger rodents like rats, a space the size of a quarter is enough for them to get into your home. 

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control

If you find a mouse, rat, or other rodent in your home, it is natural to want it gone as soon as possible. You can run to the store and find many DIY rodent control options that promise fast results. And while the traps, baits, glue boards, and other options you find at the local hardware store may catch a few rodents, they won’t solve the problem. 

The issue with DIY rodent control is that it doesn’t eliminate the source of the infestation or remove all the rodents. As fast as rodents breed, leaving even a few behind means their population will grow again quickly, and you will be right back where you started having wasted your time and money on ineffective rodent treatment options. 

Contact The Rodent Professionals For Total Rodent Control

Instead of wasting your time with DIY rodent control that doesn’t work, contact us at the first sign of a rodent. Our professional rodent control plans will get to the source of the infestation, making sure to remove all rodents from your home. We will also help you identify how rodents are getting in and how to make changes to keep them from returning, so you can enjoy a rodent-free home.