Bed Bug Facts Everyone In The Villages Ought To Know

Bed Bug Facts Everyone In The Villages Ought To Know

bed bug on skin

Many people want to know how to get rid of bed bugs. After all, dealing with these frustrating pests in your home makes even the calmest people feel crazy. Today we'll discuss facts about bed bugs that every homeowner should know and what you can do if bed bugs invade your property. At Bertram Pest Solutions, we believe in providing property owners with the most effective bed bug treatment options.

Whether dealing with a small or large infestation, you can trust us to eliminate it in no time. Contact Bertram Pest Solutions for more information about pest control in The Villages.

Bed Bugs Are Very Small

Bed bugs are one of the smallest pests homeowners can find in their homes in The Villages. These tiny insects have flat, oval bodies and never grow larger than 1/4 of an inch long, though they may appear redder and rounder after feeding on a blood meal.

Bed bug eggs are even tinier than adult bed bugs. Female bed bugs lay several eggs in their lifetime, each egg no larger than the head of a pin. Unfortunately, their small size and reclusive behavior make bed bugs challenging to control and prevent. Although you can watch for bed bug signs, keeping these pests away from your residential property often seems impossible.

Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bugs require the blood of a host to survive. Although bed bugs occasionally bite animals, they prefer to bite humans because we have less hair or fur covering our bodies. Bed bug bites often appear red and raised on your skin. These bites may be painful and itchy, though they pose no significant risk to your health. You can tell the difference between bed bug bites and other insect bites by looking at the arrangement of the bites. Most bug bites appear in random places across your body. However, bed bug bites always appear in rows or clusters across exposed areas of skin.

If bed bugs are causing problems in your home in The Villages, the professionals from Bertram Pest Solutions are here to help. Contact us today to get started on your first treatment.

Bed Bugs Are Opportunist Travelers

One of the most frustrating facts about bed bugs is that they're almost impossible to avoid. No matter where you go, bed bugs might take the opportunity to travel home with you; because bed bugs are hitchhiking pests. These opportunistic travelers can get from one area to another by climbing onto the clothing and bags of unsuspecting individuals. What causes bed bugs to invade homes are, unfortunately, humans. Some of the most common places people pick up bed bugs include:

  • Hotel rooms and lobbies
  • Libraries
  • Movie theaters
  • Airports
  • Public transport
  • Schools
  • Malls

To avoid bringing bed bugs to your home in The Villages, keep your bags and personal belongings off the floors of public areas. If bed bugs have already gotten into your residential property, it's time to contact the professionals from Bertram Pest Solutions for help. We're happy to provide bed bug control solutions you can trust.

Why You Should Skip DIY And Call The Professionals Instead

Turning to DIY bed bug solutions is the first instinct of many homeowners. Unfortunately, most DIY bed bug treatments are ineffective and waste time and money.

The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to invest in professional pest control services from Bertram Pest Solutions. We are dedicated to providing services that eliminate your pest problems at their source and prevent them from reoccurring. Call us today to request a free inspection and to learn more about our effective pest management solutions.