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Exception Pest Control In Fruitland Park, FL

Popular among those looking for a quiet, suburban neighborhood, Fruitland Park is a safe area with plenty of access to outdoor recreational activities and diverse amenities such as restaurants and coffee shops. The area is especially popular among retirees and families looking to raise children in a warm, welcoming community.

However, pests in Fruitland Park love the community as much as its residents do, and insect or common rodent invaders can quickly put your property at risk of health and safety issues. In these cases, Fruitland Park pest control is necessary to combat pests and keep your property protected.

If you’re worried about pests in Fruitland Park, look no further than Bertram Pest Solutions. Our team is friendly, dedicated, and experienced, and we will stop at nothing to keep your area home or business completely pest-free.

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Residential Pest Control In Fruitland Park

fruitland park fl home pest control

When pests invade your Fruitland Park residence, you may wonder how to get rid of these unwanted insects or rodents and protect your loved ones from the many dangerous problems they bring. Bertram Pest Solutions can help you with this, and we pride ourselves on being able to address your residential pest control problems with affordable expert services.

All of our residential pest control plans start with a free initial inspection that allows us to narrow down your major pest issues in addition to any conditions that encourage future pest problems. We then create a treatment plan based on this information and provide ongoing pest protection as needed so that your home stays safe from pests year-round.

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Commercial Pest Control In Fruitland Park

A pest invasion in your Fruitland Park business is sure to cause massive chaos and bring health issues, property destruction, and a loss of reputation in the community. Effective commercial pest control services are essential for keeping insects and rodents at bay and ensuring that your business stays successful.

At Bertram Pest Solutions, we’re prepared to give your commercial property the expert pest control it needs to stay completely safeguarded against pests year-round. Our team has extensive experience dealing with pest problems in the Fruitland Park community, and we can customize all of our treatment plans to your business’s exact needs. We also pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and transparent pricing, so you know just what you are getting when you invest in our services.

How To Control Fire Ants Around Your Fruitland Park Property

No Fruitland Park property owner is a stranger to ants, but when fire ants move onto your property and start causing issues, you may wonder how to eliminate these pests. Fire ant bites are some of the most painful and dangerous to receive, and untreated infestations of this pest can easily lead to health and safety issues for those on your property.

By following the below fire ant prevention steps, you can control the populations of this pest on your property.

  • Excess moisture around your property caused by leaks, drainage issues, or water features can attract thirsty fire ants. Address leaks and control water features to eliminate moist conditions.
  • Fire ants love oily and greasy foods or easy access to pet foods. Never leave foods around your yard, make sure trash cans have tight-fitting lids, and reduce access to pet foods indoors and outdoors to deter these ants.
  • Ensure that indoor food is stored properly, consider using airtight containers in pantry areas, and always clean up food or drink spills on your property to atop the aroma from drawing ants indoors.

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The Dangers Bed Bugs Bring To Homes In Fruitland Park

Bed bugs may be small insects, but they bring major problems to homes in Fruitland Park. Bed bugs are highly prolific, and an infestation of these pests can get out of control in no time, not to mention the problems that bed bug bites bring. These itchy bumps often lead to sleep loss and anxiety, and they may be prone to secondary infections due to constant scratching of the bitten area.

If you want to avoid all the dangers that bed bugs present to your Fruitland Park home, don’t hesitate to contact Bertram Pest Solutions at the first signs of these invaders. Our team provides free bed bug inspections to help narrow down the source of your problem, followed by chemical bed bug treatments that ensure the elimination of these pests. We also provide bed bug follow-up treatments and warranties that give you peace of mind and a completely pest-free Fruitland Park home.

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