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Groveland, FL Pest Control

Groveland, FL Pest Control Services

Located about 25 miles from the Atlantic Coast, the city of Groveland, FL, is the picture-perfect town for nature lovers. It’s filled with spacious real estate properties with gorgeous acreage, and it’s truly a wonderful place to call home. However, humans aren’t the only ones who think so. Local pest populations are very fond of conditions here in Groveland, and that means that our homes and businesses are at risk for infestations all year long. The best way to protect yourself from pest infestation is with ongoing help from pest professionals.

Welcome to Bertram Pest Solutions. We are a family owned and operated company that is proud to provide residential and commercial pest control services to properties throughout Lake County and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience in the world of pest control, our team is thoroughly experienced in detecting, eliminating, and preventing a wide variety of pests, including ants, wasps, rodents, wildlife, termites, and many others. When you partner with us, you become a part of the family, so call us today for reliable Lake County pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Groveland

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When pests get into a residence, they can wreak havoc around the entire property, not to mention threaten the health and well-being of everyone on the premises. To protect your Groveland home from household infestations, you’ve come to the right place. Bertram Pest Solutions provides complete protection from the perils of household pest infestations.

We offer quarterly residential pest control plans which provide the following:

  • Interior and exterior treatments to the house 
  • Eliminating and preventing a wide range of general pests
  • Treating ants, cockroaches, spiders, stinging insects, occasional invaders, and many others
  • Additional pest control offerings for bed bug control, fire ant control, and wildlife trapping and removal

We are GPM (Green Project Management) certified, licensed, and insured, and we treat every customer like a member of the family. The Bertram Family Promise guarantees the highest quality service and friendliest care around. Call us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Groveland

When it comes to protecting your Groveland business from pests, we’ve got your back. After conducting an in-depth inspection, our team of certified pest technicians will customize a treatment plan strategically developed to meet your needs.

Our commercial pest control solutions include:

  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies.
  • Green, organic, eco-friendly pest control solutions.
  • General pest control plans (ants, roaches, spiders, stinging insects, etc.).
  • Professional bed bug control inspections and services.
  • Quality termite control inspections, treatments, and monitoring.
  • Professional wildlife trapping, removal, and exclusion services.

 We service a variety of properties, including elderly care facilities, food processing facilities, hotels, motels, office buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, schools, and educational facilities. Reach out to us today to discuss your commercial pest control needs, and we’ll get the ball rolling. 

Three Tricks To Keep From Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Groveland Home

When it comes to bed bug control, the best approach is to be as proactive as possible in preventing these parasites from entering your home in the first place.

Here are three tricks to keep from bringing bed bugs into your Groveland home:

  1. Inspect everything before bringing it into your home (used furniture, luggage, clothing, boxes, etc.)

  2. Reduce clutter around the house to eliminate ideal hiding places for bed bugs.

  3. Wash and dry everything on high heat to destroy any bed bug activity.

If you suspect bed bug activity around your Groveland home, we recommend calling in pest professionals right away. The team at Bertram Pest Solutions has the experience to eliminate bed bug infestations, giving you the peace of mind to sleep safe and sound through the night. Reach out to us today to learn more about our bed bug solutions. 

The Problems Roof Rats Bring To Groveland Homes

A household rodent infestation is a real nightmare, and roof rats are one of the most common culprits in the area. A roof rat infestation can be a threat for a lot of reasons. Not only do roof rats spread lots of diseases, but they can also damage your property.

Roof rats spread a multitude of diseases, some of which include leptospirosis, murine typhus, plague, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, and trichinosis. Another big issue is property damage. Roof rats love to chew on anything hard that will help them grind down their ever-growing teeth, including electrical wiring, wood, hard plastic, and metal.

Now that you understand the problems roof rats bring to Groveland homes, it makes sense why homeowners seek out professional rodent control services. Get in touch with the professionals at Bertram Pest Solutions for all your rodent control needs. We are skilled in identifying and eliminating roof rat activity, so reach out to us to get started. 

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