What You Ought To Know About Fire Ants In The Villages | Bertram Pest Solutions - GC

What You Ought To Know About Fire Ants In The Villages | Bertram Pest Solutions - GC

fire ant crawling on the ground
However, what happens when that ant is none other than a fire ant? This species of ant is much more troublesome as they represent an actual threat to people if left unchecked. While not native to this country, this ant has managed to find its way into the United States thanks to growing worldwide travel and business.

Fire ants are bright red and possess a stinger, unlike other species of ants. In addition, they boast large colonies that look like large mound-like nests. To make things worse, they are aggressively territorial when defending their home.

Fire Ants Are Bad For You

Make no mistake this red ant is not something to be ignored. While not quite as potent as a wasp sting, their sting is nonetheless unpleasant and can cause serious problems for people. Plus, they will attack in a group. Some problems caused by fire ants include:

  • Sting Power: Their sting hurts and leaves behind a raised welt that becomes a white pustule. This sting is best left avoided.
  • Multiple Attacks: As previously mentioned, this ant will attack in a group to defend their home. Unfortunately, this means dozens if not hundreds of fire ants are after you if they feel provoked. Even worse, they can signal the other ants through pheromones.
  • Anaphylactic Shock: For those who are allergic, their sting can cause anaphylactic shock. While this only affects about 2% of the population, this isn't a symptom to take risks with.

Don't Take The Fight To Them

You might feel like you can handle this ant on your own. You would be wrong. Their colonies run deep, which makes it nearly impossible to neutralize the entire colony the first time. This is a problem for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is they are known to migrate to create a new colony. This means even if you go back for another round, the fire ants are likely to be elsewhere. The second reason is related to the first reason. In the event, you didn't take out the queen everything remains business as usual.

It’s always a better idea to work with pest control professionals trained to remove fire ants. The professionals possess the necessary tools and equipment to ensure they are successful the first time. This includes taking out the queen, which is usually buried deep in the mound.

Get Help With Fire Ants From Bertram Pest Solutions

Our team at Bertram Pest Solutions is dedicated to serving the Villages and making your pest problems a thing of the past. While fire ants are a pain for homeowners, we have the necessary tools to nip the problem in the bud so you can remain worry-free.

For over 20 years, we've honed our process to perfection, which is why our customers know they can depend on our team for the results they need. To ensure success, we always begin with a free initial inspection, a free quote for service, and then proceed to deliver year-round protection from a wide variety of common Florida pest invaders.
Are you in need of fire ant prevention services? Then give our team at Bertram Pest Solutions a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options or fill out our online form to schedule your quote.