How To Tell If Your Home In The Villages Has A Bed Bug Problem

How To Tell If Your Home In The Villages Has A Bed Bug Problem

bed bug crawling
It might be unsettling to read this, but it’s not always obvious when a pest takeover is in progress. Many insects and creatures can invade your home in The Villages right under your nose. If it’s a critter that’s extremely small, it’s even easier for them to be off of your radar. In a lot of cases, you may see signs of a problem before spotting the actual creepy crawlers themselves. This can apply to bed bugs.

Bed bugs are tiny insects that absorb blood from humans and animals. When you’re asleep or when you least suspect it, they will bite you and drink away. The end results are bumps all over your skin that are itchy and red. It will be unsightly. What’s worse is that bed bugs are hard to get rid of. Learn what the alarms are, so you can stop them immediately with Bertram Pest Solutions.

What Are Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation?

It’s often said that dirt is what draws bed bugs in. This is simply not true. These pests are all about blood. Without it, they won’t survive. Animal quarters and public places are where they normally concentrate their efforts because there's a hefty supply of the fluid they require. Don’t be surprised to see them walking about in pastures, offices, schools, airports, hotels, and similar. If you’re in such a location, guard your belongings and check your clothes. That’s what bed bugs will hang onto, so they can follow you home. If they’re successful, they will later go on to:

  • Wallpaper
  • Wood Trim
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Fabrics
  • Couches 
  • Upholstery
  • Mattresses

Bed bug infestation indicators come in the form of body bites, stains, and odors. Patchy and crowded welts will show up on your skin after these insects feast on you. Loads of welts will be on your neck, face, arms, and legs. You could mistake it for a rash outbreak. Reddish-brown blemishes and blood drops will be on surfaces and fabrics, such as linens. Expect to encounter black and brown smears and powdery fragments as well. This is their fecal matter. As they populate, musty odors will dominate rooms.
If you happen to catch bed bugs with your eyes, they’ll remind you of apple seeds. The reddish-brown critters are 0.25 of an inch long at maximum. They have rounded frames, with small heads and larger tails. Sometimes, it’s their unusually shaped midsection that makes them stand out. They navigate the world with two antennas and six legs. When it comes to their swift reproduction, they lay pearly white eggs with translucent young.

Is There Any Way to Prevent Bed Bugs?

In public:

  • Never sit your personal effects on the floor or ground. 
  • When at a hotel, contact maintenance if you find bed bugs. Ask for a new room that’s far away. 
  • Place your luggage in a plastic bag or protective cover.
  • Wash your travel clothes with hot water, and be sure to dry them on high for 20 minutes.

At home:

  • Use a flashlight to examine mattress seams, head and footboards, and box springs. Do this regularly, and peek under beds too. 
  • Routinely inspect the furniture, laundry, purses and bags, and the insides of drawers. 
  • Scan second-hand items for infestation hints before use. Examples are appliances and furniture.

How Will Bertram Pest Solutions Exterminate Bed Bugs?

The licensed, certified, and insured technicians at Bertram Pest Solutions have the expertise to eradicate bed bugs from your home. They will identify hubs and treat them with our industrial-grade solutions. Our avenues are organic, eco-friendly, and safe. Affordable services with guarantees and follow-up visits attached await you! Get a free inspection when you call us today at Bertram Pest Solutions!